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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
This is mersenneforum.
But it is not your forum or classroom.

If people want to participate here, they have to be prepared and willing to learn the math.
That is your personal opinion, but it is NOT a forum requirement or prerequisite.

You berate newbies even when they DO show willingness to learn the math. As for "preparedness", that is not a forum requirement or prerequisite, and you seem to define it in such a way as to excuse yourself from working to adapt your instruction level to the level of the questioner.

(We know that you're capable of so adapting your instruction level because you've shown us on some occasions that you've done so.)

As has been pointed out to you before, you are not only under no obligation to respond to an inquiry that you deem to come from an unprepared questioner, but also have been explicitly asked to step aside and let other more patient responders take care of such an inquiry.

Even "non-math" people need to have an uderstanding of basics before they can ask reasonable questions and understand the answers.
... but you have repeatedly shown yourself to be a poor judge of what constitutes a basic understanding when the inquirer is obviously a newbie. You should leave newbie inquiries to others to answer.

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