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quite a while ago, P-1(B1=635,000, B2=18,097,500) found factor 1919565392651028059642113943994258791 of M53470619. This factor has k=5 × 29 × 13463 × 17477 × 34327 × 449437 × 34101721.

Can someone please explain why P-1 was able to find this factor?
From math.php: "Stage 2 will find the factor q if k has just one factor between B1 and B2 and all remaining factors are below B1."

Here, the biggest factor of k is bigger than B2, but I found no explanation under which conditions P-1 may find such factors. What are the chances of this happening? All of my other 37 P-1 factors have their k's prime factors below B2.

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