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Default Resume msieve poly search job?

Is there a way to resume an msieve poly search job (e.g. when I had to restart the PC fore some reason)?

I mean other than manually doing the following:

* skimming the msieve.dat.p file to get an estimate where to continue (let this be A5_0)
* guessing how much time it has used until the PC had to be restarted (let this time be t1)
* remembering the time limit msieve automatically sets for this size of jobs (or look it up in the msieve.log), let this be t2
* rename the msieve.dat.p file
* start an msieve -np job with starts at A5_0 for t2-t1 minutes
* after the run has finished skim the new and the old (renamed) .dat.p files for the best poly to create an msieve.fb file


(in other words: it would be nice to have an msieve -np -resume flag which does all these steps automatically. Maybe msieve should write a timestamp to each poly it finds to the .dat.p file - and a timestamp each hour just in case no poly was found since the last hour - to get a good estimate for t1)
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