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I did take Linear Algebra last year. I am not going to be a math major and the Dif Eq is the last math class I need. Our teacher is going to cover the Wronskian next week after midterms. We haven't covered solving 2nd order equations with Lagrange or Fourier transforms. I have been watching youtube videos from MIT and KhanAcademy and they use these methods. The method our teacher has been using solving two first order equations is much simpler. Why isn't it a more common method?
If you took Linear Algebra last year, then Wronskian should be rather elementary. I took Linear Algebra back in high school (but it wasn't taught at my high school, obviously) when I was 15, and I got an A. It really was not that hard.

Math is fun partly because it can challenge the person who is doing it in developing new ways of thinking. If you keep depending on people to supply answers that you can easily figure out (assuming you have taken the proper pre-requisites), then you are not fully engaging in mathematics for what it is (at least at your stage). Enjoy math. Don't just toss it aside like another class. Think about the problem for a few days, and if you cannot figure it out, then I would be glad to help you in private (feel free to PM me ).

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