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Default Riesel base 256 status and released

I have tested Riesel base 256 up through n=20K. I am releasing this base to everyone now because its been quite a bit of work to get it up to n=160K base 2! I have created a new base 256 reservations web page that shows all 51 k's remaining. A few are effectively reserved by drive 2 as a result of converting from Riesel base 16.

Important note: Since the base is a power of 2, it LLRs as fast as base 2. A top-5000 prime will be reached at n=41.7K.

There are 51 k's remaining and I have added a sieved file for n=20K-25K for all k's to the new reservations page. The file is ~3-6 days work due to the large # of k's and large base.

I checked all for all possible base 2 conversions from and the top-5000 site and I found 8 primes for n>20K. That brought it down from 59 k's remaining.

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