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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
If we have this much oposition to going above 1M then i think we should just do below 1M for now.
Agreed. If there is anyone who can't cope with taking sequences to 110 digits, then please post here. Poll closed. I think redoing Wieb's range is best suited to frmky's cluster as it is something that we don't want to spend ages doing.

Originally Posted by Raman
It would be very nice if Mr. Christophe Clavier, Mr. Wieb Bosma, Mr. Clifford Stern, Mr. Paul Zimmermann, Mr. Juan Luis Varona, Mr. Manuel Benito, that everyone join up within this forum itself.
Christophe, Clifford and PaulZ all know about this forum and choose not to join it for their own reasons. However, Wieb Bosma seems to be reluctant to answer emails or update pages (it would be useful to be in contact with him), and the other two aren't doing work on aliquot sequences anymore so we don't care about them.

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