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Are you sure the included cafeteria covers all meals and not just lunchtime? Sounds weird, are American colleges really that much more nannying than British universities? If you're spending $25 a month on aspirin to recover from hangovers it begs the question how much you're spending on booze. Life insurance with no dependents sounds odd. $50 per month on a mobile bill sounds nuts but I make a point of doing everything I can online, £5 a month sim-only is enough for the rest.

My biggest costs by far are accommodation and food. Then vehicle stuff, then utilities, then booze and whatever I'm doing at the time, then internet, then the rest.
Taking UW-Madison as an example, food service hours range from 6:30am to 1am. It's pay as you go. Many meals offered are oversized. middle tier meal plan plus academic year housing ~$11,000. This campus is miles in size (ignoring its distant satellite locations) so being able to eat on campus saves travel time. Daytime population (students and staff) of over 50,000, about twice Jarrow or Aldridge.

$25/mo could be the copay on prescriptions such as allergy meds, plus a multivitamin. It would be a LOT of aspirin/tylenol, dangerously so.

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