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(cc of e-mail I just sent to George and the rest of the folks he informed privately)

Hi, George:

(Preliminary) congratulations ... I have been busy the past several months working on an AVX-vectorized port of my pthreaded Mlucas code, that is not ready yet, but the existing parallel SSE2 version may be sufficiently fast for a verification. Let me do some trial timings on my 4-core Sandy Bridge box when I get home this evening (PST time zone) and I'll let you know what the timings look like.

(FYI, that box is currently testing F27 using FFT length 8192K, getting 0.06 sec/iter running on all 4 cores. George, that should allow you to compute a rough timing estimate for a verify run. Machine is only LAN-networked, so I am unable to access it remotely from my current location.)
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