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While I like and support the idea of a cranks sub-forum, I don't think that cranks are the powder keg in the math forum. The big issue causing the most detractions from math discussion is amatuer mathematicians asking questions without the requisite knowledge.

There are a few natural solutions to this, but I think each of them has a fundamental flaw:

1) Create a newbie forum. The problem with this is that newbies usually tend to post in a general forum rather than find a specific forum. Also, it might give off a bit of an elitist vibe to shuffle off the 'lesser' mathies to a sub-forum.

2) Create an advanced forum. I doubt this would help as there really aren't many advanced threads happening. I think this would end up a ghost forum.

3) Create a FAQ. Problem: Newbies don't read faqs. That's how we know they're newbies.

Any other ideas?
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