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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
The "8" --> "10" in the exponent would be beyond expectation. It would take a day on a GPU [for] you to dismiss this claim, assuming P-1 does not turn up a factor.
P-1 to full PrimeNet bounds on M102589933 under way here, will complete in hours. says 5.6% probability of factor, no p-1 result reported yet. It would be silly to have primality tested it without doing that first.
Maybe he meant a Fermat number. That claim would be safe from computational attack for a while.
As stated in his post, a large power of two being prime, it's too absurd a claim to even bother including in the count in the "dubious claims" list behind the stats in

There are few rhyming prime exponents surviving even cursory TF above M82589933.
102589933 NF 74, further TF assigned to gpu72, P-1 underway
112589933 small factor
222589933 small factor
232589933 NF 71, go to 79 assigned, no p-1 yet 2290000,68700000
312589933 small factors
532589933 smallish factor
612589933 smallish factor
642589933 NF 70, go to 84 assigned, no p-1 yet 5740000,172200000
652589933 NF 71, go to 84 assigned, no p-1 yet 5820000,174600000
672589933 smallish factors
702589933 small factors
892589933 smallish factor
912589933 smallish factor
952589933 small factors
(up to 999M)

The 3 other survivors are being addressed with TF and may get some P-1 attention after.

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