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Originally Posted by Glenio View Post
This is the number 2^102589933
That number is composite (not prime) by definition. ba for b>1, a>1, a and b integer, is composite; b is a factor. This may win the prize for most obviously NOT prime (which is public embarrassment). It has one prime factor and over a hundred million distinct composite factors 21, 22, 23, ..., 2102589932.
It also happens to have a superficial relationship to the largest known Mersenne prime, 282589933-1, whose exponent is 20M less.
See also, for the perfect record of predicting large primes,by various means,
Possibilities, more likely first: Inaccurate post lacking +-c, trolling, combination, computation error, something else, new prime discovery.

In the very unlikely event that it's a Mersenne prime discovery, verification should have quietly occurred without posting an exponent, then announcement via MRI Inc. press release.

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