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@bur and VBCurtis :

Thank you very much for your positive messages.
I think you are right and that we should see the project as you say.
All our calculations for this project will be at least as useful as others anyway, given the important role that integer powers play in number theory.
And I've said it all along : I didn't know if the data analyses would yield interesting results.
I was not intending to stop the project, but as you say, rather to take a break from data analysis.
If there is a general law to observe, it must be much more complicated than I could have imagined.
And if any of us were to find this law by observing the tables attached in my post #1328, then, we would be taking a giant step forward in the knowledge of aliquot sequences.
But maybe this law does not exist.
Or maybe we are missing some data. But what we are missing is rather larger exponents for each basis, that is my hunch. And we all know that it is impossible to increase the number of exponents for the bases.
But it is likely that in the future I will have to look at the data forgetting the original reason for creating the project.
There must be a lot of other interesting things to discover (or not !).

So let's get on with our calculations, all those who like it.
And when our intuition tells us it's time, maybe we'll look at the data again and notice some interesting things because of those calculations !

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