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Hey everyone,

I am interested in smaller scientific projects especially prime numbers that a fast to sieve and check.

I did some reading about the sieving prp checking process here in the forum and now I want to play around with the software. The Carol/Kynea primes ( is my project of choise for now.

I decided to set up a prpnet-server for fun and multi-core workloads.

Setting up the MySQL- and prpnet-server was easy enough. When I try to import the ABC-file from cksieve into prpnet I get a error message which says something about a unrecognized format. Changeing the ABC-file according to the abcfileformats.txt (included in prpnet) from ABC (130^$a$b)^2-2 to ABC $a*<base>^$b$c did not resolve the issue. The prpnet-server is set to these primenumbers (servertype=32).

Can someone please tell me which format the sievefile for Carol/Kynea primes has to be edited to to import it in prpnet ?

Furthermore I did no find a "create_tables_mysql.sql" in the prpnet package, can someone please upload it ?

I know that I do not have a reserved range for any sieveing, for now this is just for fun and curiosity. I will do so if I figure everything out.

Thanks in advance

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