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Originally Posted by Dougal View Post
ill start taking the lower ones next we want to test all of them,or if there are a low number of primes by eg.30k will we drop that k from testing?

We will drop a lot at 20K, and again at 30K, etc. The idea is to advance probably 20 to 100000, that is all we will need. 10 beyond 100000.

Grateful for your contribution.

The first few you should try should be 105+/10000. Should not take too long. I will post Riesel side when I get to 500 new candidates at the weekend.

Originally Posted by Dougal View Post
i open command prompt,drag the .exe into it and press runs for a few seconds then crashes.i have some other files in the same directory,il put the 3 in a seperate one and see if that works.
Looks like you need to talk to Robert G about this, send him a PM with details of machine, operating system etc . Should not impact having other files in the subdirectory. I have lots. The program runs a routine for about a minute before prime checking, that creates an index of primes and their modulo ord2s. Maybe this file is too big for the RAM available. Dunno, though, did not write the program.
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