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Default Aouessare-El Haddouchi-Essaaidi "test": "if Mp has no factor, it is prime!"


I'm not sure whether this has been discussed. I searched for it here on the forums but didn't find anything.

I'm expecting that it's naïve to think it's not known about here especially since there was a post about this
on the mailing list about a year ago.

The post was about a new way of testing whether or not Mersenne numbers are prime or not. The post included
a link to this article :

I was half expecting a new program to be in use by now by the GIMPS and I don't believe one is so I'm starting to wonder
why (since the document clearly outlines the details and is mathematically sound).

So can someone update me on the effect this news had on the community - i.e what the response was,
and if there are any plans to use this algorithm.
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