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Unhappy The Unhappy Me thread

I've had an interesting last 36 hours.

Around 08:30 yesterday a workman chopped through a 12kV power line, taking out much of Cambridge University.

Our systems are UPS protected but they are rather difficult to shut down automatically. There was a guy in the office, but he never thought to shut them down manually and all the batteries were flat by the time I arrived.

I came in this morning to bring everything up again, only to be told that the main departmental switch had fried and we had no external net connections at all. Our systems came up with some coaxing and minor disk repairs. The computer service replaced our switch by lunchtime. We then had to wait a few hours for all the backlogged spam to be delivered before network traffic returned to normal.

Yesterday was when the monthly dump of 150G or so of data gets written to tape. It had to be postponed to today. 2/3 or so of the way through (or several hours after starting) my machine from where the backup was running threw a wobbly and had to be rebooted, thereby killing the backup. That has to be redone tomorrow.

To cap it all on the way home tonight and about 40 minutes ago, I was sitting on my bike, stationary, at the motorway junction amd waiting for on-coming traffic to clear, when a guy in a car came smashing into the back of me. No damage done to me but one of the bike's panniers is in several pieces. That will be an expensive insurance claim for him because custom fibre-glass luggage for Honda 1100cc Pan-Europeans does not come cheap.

Oh well.


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