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Originally Posted by bsquared View Post
Machine: 2 sockets of 20-core Cascade-Lake Xeon
Just used the default density.
matrix is 5149968 x 5150142 (1913.9 MB) with weight 597210677 (115.96/col)

Here is a basic 40 threaded job across both sockets (actually, I guess it is thread-limited to 32 threads):
4 hrs 58 min: /msieve -v -nc2 -t 40

Using MPI helps a lot. Here are various configurations using different VBITS settings (timings after 1% elasped):
I know this is late, but if you still have this data set up, try
mpirun -np 2 msieve -nc2 1,2 -v -t 20
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