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I will likely do a search for Leyland primes between L(49878,755) and L(149999,10), so as to establish a new beachhead for my advance.
I have added indicators for intervals #19-#21 to my list. I have also decided that the above mentioned "beachhead" is far too ambitious. My intended beachhead is now interval #21. I am still in the process of verifying my new list of Leyland numbers which runs from L(102999,10) to L(149999,10), 337553864 terms. A worthwhile guide is that for d > 11, L(d-1,10) is (likely) the smallest (base ten) d-digit term. The sorted-by-magnitude list will allow me to directly look up the Leyland number index of any (x,y) term in that range. It will also, of course, provide the seed (x,y) pairs needed to generate the ABC files for my intervals.
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