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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
While unlikely, it is possible that 20 or 24 threads yields a bit of improvement. Hyperthreads don't always help on matrix solving, but since this is a benchmark thread it might be nice to demonstrate that.

I suggest 20 as alternative because using every possible HT might be impacted by any background process, but that effect should be reduced if we leave a few HTs 'open'. I've found situations where using N-1 cores runs faster than N cores, for what I presume are similar reasons.
We ran a 24 thread test last night. It was 1.09% faster than the 12 thread job. During the run, the CPU reported roughly 1700% utilization, so there must be a lot of overhead and/or bottlenecks. We are currently running a 20 thread test that we will post later.

Note that we only count the LA phase in our calculations.

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