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-nc1 was run with target-density 134. After remdups and adding freerels in, msieve states 99.3M unique relations. Matrix came out 4.57M dimensions. TD=140 did not complete filtering.
Machine: Xeon 2680v3 Haswell generation 12x2.5ghz, 48GB memory on 4 channels DDR4 (4x4GB+4x8GB).

VBITS=128 on otherwise idle machine. ETA after 1% of job:
6-threaded 14hr 34 min
12-threads 8 hr 26 min
18-threads 9 hr 15 min
24-threads 8 hr 27 min
These times look rather slow; I just installed the extra 32GB memory today, so perhaps filling all 8 slots slows memory access a bunch. Some time I'll remove the original 16GB and see if 4 sticks is faster than 8.
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