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Default Excellent!

Excellent to see this and AMD users will be delighted to finally get their hands on it.

Few thoughts occured....

a) will you be building a 64 bit version for LINUX users (eg Suse 9.2 on AMD64 and other distros which are 64-bit)?

b) as the Pentium 6xx series now have Intel EM64T which has almost same instruction set as Athlon64, might the code run on 6xx too?
I appreciate the architectures are different eg cache, and that there are very few of these in the field yet but it might be forward thinking to support Intel's 64 bit efforts too.

c) will you be able to maintain a single source code tree or have to have different versions for Intel/AMD/32/64 bits? The target architecture (32/64) could be specified at compile time, other differences as existing code by cpu detection. The range of cpu types is likely to further increase ie dualcore where two processors share memory subsystem which will slow mem accesses outside the L2 cache. This may mean different optimisations.

d) please would it be possible to include a short test of trial factoring speed in the benchmark (of the release version) because this would be very useful to know and compare the benefit of your optimisations. Maybe it could just appear when Fullbench option is specified.
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