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Originally Posted by houding View Post
I've started to look into using gfndsieve, because it is multi-threaded.

I have a question. Not a problem with the program, just curious.

When I start a sieve, it will say "expecting 192048 factors".


How is the expecting calculated? Or is it just a guess that for a given amount of numbers in a range so many could be factors after others have been eliminated because they are even numbers?
If you dive into the source code, you will find a formula that calculates the approximate numbers of possible factors in a range.

At line 212 of FactorApp.cpp you will find:

   if (il_MaxPrime != il_AppMaxPrime)
      double expectedFactors = il_TermCount * (1 - log(il_MinPrime) / log (il_MaxPrime));
      sprintf(endOfMessage, "expecting %.f factors", expectedFactors);
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