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Same result. It first found the existing factors in stage1. I then restarted the assignment with Stage1GCD=0 added to prime.txt file. It still comes back with
Insufficient memory to ever run stage 2.
Stage 2 GCD complete. Time: 40.764 sec.
[Work thread Mar 22 12:39] P-1 found a factor in stage #2, B1=400000, B2=400000.
[Work thread Mar 22 12:39] M22351237 has a factor: 288476702225081262023002950746197048091558084285203081 (P-1, B1=400000, B2=400000)
These last setting B1=B2=400000 it generates itself every time.

So I now renamed the file mM351237 again and restarted the assignment with the Stage1GCD=0 setting before embarking on stage 1.

I have daytime and nighttime both set to 2560MB.

If setting a memory for a worker involves some kind of tweaking through the menu or in prime.txt than I would have remembered since this download and install took place yesterday.
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