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Originally Posted by tha View Post
mprime was set to use 2,5 GB of ram which is more than sufficient to run this exponent with this B1/B2 setting. Can someone try this on his/ her machine? Could it be that the known factors are used as settings that don't make sense? Or that the line in worktodo should be constructed differently?
Your worktodo line looks fine. I didn't let it run to stage2 to see how much RAM it actually used. My P-1 probably calculator said it needs 186MB, would like 555MB, and wouldn't use more than 4536MB even if it was available.

Running your worktodo as-is seemed to start fine:
Setting affinity to run worker on logical CPUs 2 (zero-based)
P-1 on M22351237 with B1=400000, B2=9000000
Using AVX FFT length 1152K, Pass1=384, Pass2=3K, clm=1
M22351237 stage 1 is 0.557385% complete.
and restructured to a normal pick-its-own-bounds P-1 it picked:
Optimal P-1 factoring of M22351237 using up to 10000MB of memory.
Assuming no factors below 2^69 and 2 primality tests saved if a factor is found.
Optimal bounds are B1=215000, B2=3923750
Chance of finding a factor is an estimated 3.45%
Using AVX FFT length 1152K, Pass1=384, Pass2=3K, clm=1

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