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Originally Posted by VictordeHolland View Post
If it creates problems with parsing (I haven't noticed this behaviour before), I'd better delete them.

Anybody know how I can stop MFAKTC v0.21 CUDA8.0 from writing the line:
"1 factor in range 2^x to 2^y" to the results.txt?
Please don't try to stop that. It's what communicates to the primenet server that a bit range for an exponent has been fully trial factored. There are many exponents that have recorded factoring efforts by several people. It's how the server limits wasteful duplication of effort. Take a look at for an example. Although that example did not have a factor., some people find it useful or interesting to search for additional factors. See

However, if you are determined to suppress that line or stop immediately upon finding one factor, see StopAfterFactor in the ini file.

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