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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
What were your expectations? The manual results will parse each line as one result for one test (it ignores the date stamp lines).
Mostly true, but not entirely. For historical reasons, Prime95 output is full of multi-line output like this (factor on one line, summary on the next), and even worse with things like P-1 where it would list the bounds used on one line and then then factor by itself on the next line. ECM is even worse, splitting the details across three lines (curve/stage; sigma/b1/b2; factor). More recent versions of Prime95 have amended the has-a-factor line to include the relevant details on one line (at least for P-1).

Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
The 2nd line is meaningless... "found 1 factor for exponent ###" means nothing on it's own. What's the factor? Why are you telling me this? It sounds like whatever program generated that output decided to generate an extra line of useless text. Oh well.
This output is fairly universal, originally from Prime95 and later copied by mfakt*

I did make a change recently to the manual form to try and fix an issue where submitting a composite factor in a TF range would prevent it recognizing that TF had been completed across that range, but I have now reverted the change and will investigate further how to implement it better.

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