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Originally Posted by VictordeHolland View Post
The manual result interpreter is acting weird:
I reported 16 factors today, in the form of:

[Fri Feb 02 18:41:11 2018]
M24168631 has a factor: 410953947929229858623 [TF:68:69:mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
[Fri Feb 02 18:41:31 2018]
found 1 factor for M24168631 from 2^68 to 2^69 [mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
And it interprets the factor correctly, but the second line as no factor found
What were your expectations? The manual results will parse each line as one result for one test (it ignores the date stamp lines).

The first line has an exponent, a factor, the other info about the bit range and program, all in a format that is parseable.

The 2nd line is meaningless... "found 1 factor for exponent ###" means nothing on it's own. What's the factor? Why are you telling me this? It sounds like whatever program generated that output decided to generate an extra line of useless text. Oh well.
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