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You are my man, I knew it!

It really looks much better now.

(Except for retina who can not run JS, hehe... in fact, I don't know if I am running JS either, I think newer browsers have newer tools, covering the same stuff, but more secure, but well, it is not my domain... I am happy with my Firefox).

A small observation tho: (you didn't believe you get out of it so easy, did you?)

When I hover the mouse over the "Pxxx", there is a small question mark getting attached to the tail of the mouse, making my mouse terrible shocked, he scratches itself with the left leg behind right ear, but to no avail, because neither the right click nor the left click does something with that question mark. We expected to click and/or see a help or a tool-tip, or something. It seems just a relic from some older design of the page?

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