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Actually there is nothing wrong with retinas's suggestion, to direct display of the cofactors if they meet some condition, for example if they "fit the screen" - I just checked and a c90 fits, but a c101 does not (it inserts an additional line, with a single digit on it, when clicked) - so most probably the field size will accommodate a c100. So, the cofactors smaller than a c100 should be displayed without the need of the additional mouse move and click, and the larger one still can be shown like Pxxx (please note there is no dash in the middle, I hate the dash, P-33 looks extremely strange for me, is that a prime with a negative number of digits, or what? And why you don't use dash for Mxxx, if the logic is so? Like say M-757 instead of M757...Grrr... Be constant man, NO DASHES! ) possibly followed by a comment (like "click me!"), as long as there is no indication that the Pxxxx can be clicked...

And of course, if I was silly enough to click a Pxxxxxxxxxxxxx and my screen is filled with billions of meaningless numbers, needing hours of scroll up and down, there is no way to go back, without reloading the page, which takes time... Put a link to the expanded number too, to contract back when clicked... This way, it should be easier, cofactors smaller than c100 start expanded, larger start contracted. The user can flip each of them by clicking it.

hehe... (I know, we always want too much...)
(and don't tell me I can press the "end" and "home" keys on the keyboard, I know )

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