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At index 689, with size 164 and a C159 cofactor ECM-ed to ~t53, and with D3 driver (2^3*3*5) we think it will not be of interest for some years to come. However some future interest may arise from the fact that this sequence is one of those which only went up, never down, from its starting, or when somebody will hammer the tail of Shai Hulud, working short sequences (due to the fact that this only went up, and the driver causes a quite fast growing, this sequence is one of the shortest to date...).

We will see... We added a lot of terms to it, since it got its driver, but now it is over our abilities, and the progress became too slow...

Edit: clarification, there are shorter sequences, but they didn't reach so high, they may become longer when they will reach this number of digits

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