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I like the new productivity table very much! Would it be possible to show the key program parameters used for these benchmark runs? A user would need to know these parameters to achieve these same results. For programs like GMP-Fermat and pmfs that have a sieve, the number of primes used in the sieve would be needed. For pmfs the number of threads is key also. This could be done with a few additional header rows at the top of the table, or footnotes below the bottom of the table.

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It should be worth noting that some of these programs will only find Fermat factors and that others will find GFN factors. Also, some of these programs rely solely on trial division or sieving to eliminate candidates and others do a primality test in addition to trial division/sieving. I think that pfgw is the only one that does a primality test, but that means that some of the other programs are unable to test for GFN factors.
This is exactly the type of information I was thinking could be in each program description on the downloads page. To make it easy to compare program features, the downloads page could also summarize this information in a table similar to the productivity table, with a column for each program and a row for each capability / algorithm. Some rows (with column values shown in ()) might might be: Factors found (Fermat, GFN), Primary algorithm (Trial division, Primality test), Multiplication (GMP powm, GMP mul, Montgomery, etc), Division (GMP powm, GMP div by factor, GMP div by K, etc), Seive (Yes, Yes in FermFact, etc).

The two version of FermFact (0.9 and 2.0) are shown at the bottom of the downloads page. I don't know the differences, but if 2.0 is a superset of the abilities of 0.9 then maybe we could just remove 0.9.

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