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Since you asked for ideas, here are a few more

On the downloads page, move the program descriptions out of the "Small and average Fermat numbers F24 ~ F2000" section, since that implies those programs are only useful in that range. You could then move the performance discussion for the three ranges (very small, small and large) to the productivity page, where readers could more easily compare the performance discussion to the tables.

I like rogue's idea of getting all the download links into a single table. Another column for version would also be good, and programs like FermFact that have two downloadable versions could have two rows in the table.

On the productivity page, coloring pmfs as orange (Montgomery multiplication) is not entirely accurate, since it calls GMP mpz_mul which dynamically selects between several multiplication algorithms, including FFT. Maybe add a new color for GMP/dynamic, or remove the colors entirely and put the algorithm descriptions in the program descriptions on the downloads page (Maybe each author could provide a description of their program's algorithms. I would be happy to provide one for pmfs).

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