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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
On the productivity page, you should remove proth.exe. I think it would also look better if you changed the tables so that the n value would represent the row and the program to represent the column. I look forward to pmfs and fermonant being added to the table(s).

I also suggest merging the productivity and download pages. I think it should be clear which OSes each program can run on and whether or not the software is open source. This could be done in another table, for example:

║  Program   ║ CPU ║  GPU   ║ Windows ║ Linux  ║  Mac   ║ Source ║
║ Fermat     ║ x86 ║        ║ <link>  ║        ║        ║        ║
║ GMP-Fermat ║     ║        ║ <link>  ║ <link> ║ <link> ║ <link> ║
║ FermFact   ║ x86 ║        ║ <link>  ║        ║        ║        ║
║ mmff       ║ x86 ║ NVidia ║ <link>  ║ <link> ║        ║ <link> ║
║ pfgw       ║ x86 ║        ║ <link>  ║ <link> ║ <link> ║ <link> ║
║ pmfs       ║ x86 ║        ║ <link>  ║ <link> ║        ║        ║
Of course you have to add links to the files and fix any mistakes. You could also add the underlying algorithm (as mentioned on the productivity page). This would make it really easy for someone to zoom in on the programs available to them if they participate in the search.
The productivity page has been updated yesterday, I suggest you to reload the page

Once there was no productivity page, and everything was placed on the download page; then, someone hinted me: "If you keep things separated, both pages will gain in readability...". I will think back about it, to get some understandable content. The problem here is that we have 5 different algorithms, 3 different OSes (plus GPUs and source code), 3 distinct approaches to the problem (ECM, factoring, gfn) and the chance to use (or not) [multiple different] external sievers. Putting everything on a nice table tends to become hard...

While on this, I will also consider to modify the old and half broken testing interface, and enhance the news page to maintain some historical information while still showing only the last 20 elements.

We could add a php page to test small and easy ranges just clicking an online button.

I should finally add the new pages of Wilfrid Keller's gfn search to the links.

So, lots of new frills and whistles are coming... and if you have ideas I will gladly take them into consideration.


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