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Originally Posted by TObject View Post
For 9E8 range (and maybe some lower ones too), I would recommend GPU trial-factoring bit levels 65 to 72 in one swoop. Otherwise more time is wasted loading and unloading, while taking the exponents one bit level at a time.
Actually not, I didn't try mfakto on that, but mfaktc goes better if only to 70. Of course, the "less classes" version is a must here (or chose 420 classes if you use the version that lets you chose), to get a serious speedup. The one with 4620 classes seems indeed losing time with overhead when the time per class is very small.

OTOH, I share the opinion that is not worth to concentrate your resources there. If you "really" and "badly" need and want to do some LMH, better take all 332M to 80 bits or so. More useful for some big guns doing LL in that area.

But the best use of TF resources right now, yes, is the LL front, like 75M to 75 bits (or 74 bits only, if you have a card that is very good at LL/P-1/FFT, don't do the 75th bit, and better do some P-1 for the same expo instead).

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