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Per a PM discussion with Ralf Recker, he is changing teams from PrimeSearchTeam to "Sicituradastra.". (Yes, the period is part of the team name. ) More specifically:

-All tests submitted prior to 14:00 CDT today (2011-04-04) for "Ralf_Recker" will be moved to "PST_Ralf_Recker".
-All tests submitted after 14:00 CDT today for "Ralf_Recker" will remain there, and that username will be associated with Sicituradastra.

For those of you not familiar with our team-change policy, this procedure is needed to ensure that points earned on a particular team stay with that team (since the database requires a username to be associated with one and only one team at a given time). A fuller explanation of this is given in the first post of this thread.

@Dave: I'm going to try doing the database changes for this myself; I've got a pretty good idea of what needs to be done from when we did this before with Lennart. Just so you know, the procedure I'll use is to run the following command:
update results set username = "PST_Ralf_Recker" where (username = "Ralf_Recker" and date < "2011-04-04 14:00:00");
and then use the web interface to set PST_Ralf_Recker's team to PrimeSearchTeam and Ralf_Recker's to Sicituradastra.

Edit: first step (moving results to PST_Ralf_Recker) is done. This was pretty easy since I did it just a few minutes after the 14:00 DB rollover, so all of Ralf_Recker's results matched the date < "2011-04-04 14:00:00" condition. Now I just need to wait for the next hourly refresh for this to take effect (and some fresh results to populate the now-empty Ralf_Recker username) and then I can make the requisite team changes.

Edit 2: team changes are now complete as well.

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