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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
It is fairly close but the gnfs poly is sieving faster. (And it was a good continued test for Teslas. Two similar c176, but different outcomes.) Also it is quite possible that the fastest way would be ECM, but I believe that this time Bruce added ECM curves to it, as well as selected a good gnfs poly. This one is sitting in the end of the queue; no rush on it (will become smaller-but-wanted after page 119); there's time to see it accidentally cracked by ECMNET.

I volunteer to do algebra for 1870L, for 1930M, or both, if you would like. (reformatting etc is no problem.)
Thanks. I do not have a machine with enough memory to handle a
matrix bigger than about 8.5M rows.

2,1870L is "about" 20% sieved. I say "about" because I am uncertain as
to how many total relations will be needed with a rational LP bound of 31 bits.
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