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Originally Posted by Raman View Post
...[3 numbers] ... 2,1910M 2,2226L 2,2238L are in Linear Algebra,
all these three numbers are supposed to complete [up] within another
20 days or so. 2,2334M is sieving; I plan to sieve with 2,985- next. ...

Didn't I discuss with what you want to do so with, before itself?
Raman appears to have a point, although I didn't attempt to track
down exactly which numbers Bob is referring to with "take the rest".

Originally Posted by Raman
I am not responsible if some one else takes [up with] numbers that
are within your reach, such as 2,1870M 5,785M or that 5,815L.
We've been reserving just numbers needed to keep sievers from going
idle here; 5,785M and 5,815L were reserved long after your seven current
numbers, and already completed; and 2,1870M is sieving now, with the
orphaned 2,881+ filtering. We spent quite some time on poly selection
for 3,610+ c176, which is Serge's ecm cofactor; and 5,397+ c270 is in
sims, and out of the present range of discussion (by difficulty).

The two numbers you didn't mention are 10,590M and one of the five
2LM's? Looks like 2,1930M c201. I wondered whether either of these
are in Bob's range, if his sievers are going idle, while you're not
considering starting them for a while (with "2,2334M is sieving" and
"2,985- next.").

Just wondering; since you went out of your way to mention three of
our numbers, while Bob mentions just the one that's still unfactored.


Postscript, upon arrival if Raman's second reply:

Now what's intended by "all those other numbers"? I've
accounted for our four current reservations; only the one
Bob mentions relevant here --- the issue, as I understand
is _reservations_ not completed factorizations.

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