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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
Allow me to say that I strongly object to Raman having grabbed so
many assignments at once. I view his grabbing of 8
numbers at once to be very selfish. Bruce took the only other number,
2,1870M that was within reach for me. But that is only ONE number.
Why? Three of numbers are within that Linear Algebra phase, are
expected to complete during this month. That will leave out only
five. Most of sieving activity is extremely done is parallel. It is only
that Linear Algebra, which took up with longer time (I plan to make
use of that MPI interface for all my future numbers). 2,1910M
2,2226L 2,2238L are in Linear Algebra, all these three numbers are
supposed to complete up within another 20 days or so. 2,2334M is
sieving; I plan to sieve with 2,985- next. Why? These numbers are
certainly out of reach for your resources, as you had said before itself.
Didn't I discuss with what you want to do so with, before itself?
I am not responsible if some one else takes up with numbers that
are within your reach, such as 2,1870M 5,785M or that 5,815L.

By the way, this will be the last set of numbers, that I will be able to
contribute, I will not be having resources after that period of time, at all.
Adding that there are many similar sized tasks for other people in order to work
upon; 6,349- 5,389- 3,569- 11,539M 7,341+ 6,374+ 2,979+ 2,988+ 7,749L

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