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Here is 2,2166L C201 = p89.p112

Credit goes to Greg for doing the liner algebra.

p89 = 92773717776724293033129569511474025501212273295210910099457850169016216770560658749545493
p112 = 7972809260662298457419192524616051892080791400877603127506516722916348870345784103070515656587116007776553127153

Sieving for 2,1870L is in progress. It seems that this is the last factor
I will contribute until the tables are extended. All other composites
within reach of my CPU resources have been grabbed by either Bruce or Raman.

Allow me to say that I strongly object to Raman having grabbed so
many assignments at once. I view his grabbing of 8
numbers at once to be very selfish. Bruce took the only other number,
2,1870M that was within reach for me. But that is only ONE number.

I never reserved more than one number if I couldn't finish them within about 3 months.

I'll probably go back to working on the Fibonacci/Lucas numbers.

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