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Exclamation Reserved for MF - Sequence 4788

Back story: Weib Bosma had a note on his site about 314718 merging with 16100. Further research revealed that 314718 actually merges with 4788:
314718.elf:i6466 = 4788.elf:i6 = 60564
(Meaning that 314718 line 6466 is the same as 4788 line 6.)

Christophe Clavier has been working on 4788 and had it at line 2335 stalled on a c131. Factoreyes ran an NFS job for me and cracked it as p46*p86. I managed to run ECM jobs on lines 2336-2349. Presently I am on line 2350 with a c114 that has had 120 curves at 43M. Since I am booked up on my NFS resources, I want to pass this job off to someone else that can tackle it easier than I can.

Let me know if you want to take over 4788 or just tackle the c114 and pass 4788 back to the forum....

The c114:
PS. The guide is pretty benign: 2^4 * 7

Link to sequence 4788 in the database.
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