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Prime95 thinks the 2 are PRP:

[Jan 21 12:42] Worker starting
[Jan 21 12:42] Setting affinity to run worker on any logical CPU.
[Jan 21 12:42] Starting PRP test of M4729/61944189981415866671112479477273 using FFT length 224
[Jan 21 12:42] M4729/61944189981415866671112479477273 is a probable prime! Wd1: 24F224F2,00000000
[Jan 21 12:42] Starting PRP test of M3259/21926805872270062496819221124452121 using FFT length 160
[Jan 21 12:42] M3259/21926805872270062496819221124452121 is a probable prime! Wd1: 19761976,00000000
M857 has been removed from the ECM page. It was factored by NFS a day ago.
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