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of course it is not GIMPS' first wish to list all factors. But the project keeps track of the ECM-curves for already factored M-numbers at least up to exponent 10000. And to prevent myself from finding of already known factors I need to know them (that's about my second question). If a number like M2251 is already completely factored, then the project doesn't need anymore list all factors, one is enough. But then at least a hint about the status of completely factored is needed imho. Or you can get such trouble like I got. Of course I know that such an exponent is not longer listet at the ECM-status page for M-numbers with known factors. But I don't look always at the ECM-page. It is simply a question of time. And btw. there are listet all factors of M29, so why not of M2511. I agree that there must be a limit for the exponent for the storing of all known factors. But this limit must be at least the same as the exponent limit for the ECM-curves with known factors the server keeps track off. And to store all known factors up to exponent 10000 should not need much more space as the list provided at the moment.
How I said, I don't know if there are missing known factors for not completely factored numbers. I will check it, maybe tomorrow. If yes, all who are doing ECM on these numbers will have some problems with finding already known factors. The missing known factors of completely factored M-numbers are less a problem if there is a hint about the status in the 'Known Factors' page. Then one can be sure about the status without looking at the ECM-status page again...

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edit: of course I know Edgington's tables and Wagstaff's and Brent's... but do you look every time at this tables for all known factors if you only want to run some ECM-curves at an exponent?

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