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Presumably the cofactors left after all the known small factors are divided out are not listed because they can be easily generated in any particular case, and storing them all would be prohibitive. Many of them will be tens of millions of digits long.
Surely the last factor is not listet if it is a prp, that's ok. (That's why I testet it with my proggy). But at least at M2251 there are 3 factors not listet which are needed to get the last factor:
p6 778847
p26 17620954939878356226435007
p34 1687942505818611032423917201
only this factor is listet:
p6 400679
the remainig cofactor of M2251 after dividing out these 4 factors is a p614
If only the first factor of completely factored Mersennenumber is listet, then at least a hint about 'completely factored' is needed at the 'Known Factors' page (and the 'Exponent Status' page).

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