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Default Missing factors at the 'Known Factors' page


today I got a litttle bit trouble because at the 'Known Factors' page not all factors are listet. F.e. for M2251 there is only 1 factor listet. I put M2251 to my prp-test proggy, divided out this factor and got: the remaining co-factor is still composite. The Alpertron said it, too (I forgot at that moment that the Alpertron does not ask for known factors of the number from the server, if one factor is given already). I run some small ECM-curves with prime95 and 'found' 2 factors. Then I became startled and asked the Alpertron again only for M2251 and soon I got all factors. I stopped the curves running with prime95, but some are reportet as:
pnErrorDetail=Factor 1687942505818611032423917201 reported for completely factored M2251

Thus I have 2 questions:
why are not all known factors listet at the status pages?
can I be sure that at least those numbers with remaining composite cofactor have all known factors listet at the status pages?

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