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Originally Posted by jasong View Post
lol, great project idea. I think of myself as a Republican, but this kind of humor is awesome. People take themselves WAY too seriously.

I have a project of my own that I'm doing on my quad-core, it's for a fairly high k, so I'm not going to announce my work until I post a prime or get sick of the project. I'm sieving from n=665K-5M. So, in a sense, we're kind of doing the same project.

Even without the great name, No Prime Left Behind sounds like a fantastic project. You'll probably see me, on and off, crunching this project in the future.

Good luck, people! :)

Thanks for the kind words Jasong. Feel free to join us at any time and knock off some of your favorite n=333333 primes.

When you say we're doing 'kind of' the same project, how so? Are you sieving a gob of k's or some of the same k's that we are? Or is it just a single k? I can't imagine it's too many k for such a huge n-range.

You need not reveal details. I'm more curious from a general perspective. n=665K-5M is so huge that it almost has to be DC effort that you're going for. And BTW, I would have no objection if it was some of the same k's that we are testing here. IMHO, projects don't own k's. We only ask that people coordinate their efforts with us if they are working on 300<k<=1001 so that we don't duplicate work.

One reason I ask this is because about the time that we get to around the n=450K-500K range on this project, I'll begin coordinating an effort to sieve n=600K-1M for 300<k<=1001 so we can go after some really BIG primes! I don't want us to duplicate anyone's work more than we have to.

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