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Originally Posted by jacob1235 View Post

I am attempting to use mfakto with my GPU (MSI R5770 Hawk Radeon HD 5770). I downloaded the files and installed OpenCL via

sudo apt install ocl-icd-opencl-dev
and then ran mfakto via

I get the following output

Runtime options
  Inifile                   mfakto.ini
  Verbosity                 1
  SieveOnGPU                yes
  MoreClasses               yes
  GPUSievePrimes            82486
  GPUSieveProcessSize       24Ki bits
  GPUSieveSize              96Mi bits
  FlushInterval             8
  WorkFile                  worktodo.txt
  ResultsFile               results.txt
  Checkpoints               enabled
  CheckpointDelay           300s
  Stages                    enabled
  StopAfterFactor           class
  PrintMode                 compact
  V5UserID                  none
  ComputerID                none
  TimeStampInResults        yes
  VectorSize                4
  GPUType                   AUTO
  SmallExp                  no
  UseBinfile                mfakto_Kernels.elf
Compiletime options
Select device - Error -1001 (Unknown errorcode (not an OpenCL error)): clGetPlatformIDs(num)
ERROR: init_CL(3, 0) failed
How can I resolve this?

Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
Try confirming the opencl is active, such as with an appropriate utility from the middle list of No device found is sometimes a result of no installation or install failed or isn't loaded yet. (No experience with ubuntu myself so can't help you with specifics.)

Check your hardware is supported, such as at one of the links given at

Good luck ;)
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