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Originally Posted by fairsky View Post
Oh thank you.
Alright, what I meant by saying "assignment loading page" points to the page after clicking "get assignment" on "".

This click action will refer to server and then server will return this:
"" (lets refer it as [*])

Then, well, the issue will present.
I meant the blank page will
sometimes the page [*] was busy in loading which I can tell from the address bar;
sometimes the page was fully loaded (i assumed because the loading status in address bar was full and stopped), I had nothing on this page --- it is blank, no way to view-source.

I assume as well that the job was generated from php function/page, so when I tried to view the page source I was being assigned another job (this is the case which I can tell from the number of assignments on my account).

I hope I stated them in a clear way than my previous posts.
Thank you guys.
OK. This IS strange. On [*] page you don't see
PrimeNet Get Manual Assignment(s)

Distribute the lines above to your computer's worktodo.txt files.  A typical version 25 prime95 worktodo.txt file on a dual core computer looks like this: [etc.etc.]
I am not sure why this is happening, but there are certainly more knowledgeable people here who might be able to explain. I've gone through the procedure several times now without encountering a blank.

I actually have not used this method for some time, though. I go through the subset of the project called GPU72:
Chalsall has developed this system over time. It has many useful features for getting and tracking assignments, as well as numerous ways to organize and view results in tables or graphs.

I'm sorry that I cannot be of more assistance. I hope you get better answers soon.

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