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In particular, when the assignment loading page returns blank, which means I cannot have any clue on the unique-job-id number.
I am puzzled by the blank page reference. Is this happening on the Get Assignment page, or on your Account>Assignments page? I just went through the procedure 2-3 times and did not observe this behavior. Which is the "assignment loading page?"

The assignment code does matter, as this is your identification of ownership to the server. It should not be posted in full on the forum, hence the xxxx in place of part of it. While it is possible to recover this ID string, it is a tedious process. These IDs are deliberately guarded to protect the security of assignments.

Sorry for changing my post. I rethought how to respond, but I've copied your quote of the original, so we can continue the discussion. I'm not meaning to be obtuse. I'm just not sure what is happening to you, and where.

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