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Originally Posted by sweety439 View Post
how about test whether the numbers MW127 and WW127 is prime? (Wn = (2^n+1)/3) and other numbers like MW43, WW43, MM61, WM61, MW61, WW61? (MM43 and WM43 cannot be prime, since M43 is not prime, note that 127 is M7 and 43 is W7, and both M127 and W43 are primes)
Probably very clear to you, but maybe not to some others:
Primality tests can not be performed on MM or MW or WW x where x > 32.
The software does not exist, to my knowledge. (Mlucas ~MM32; gpuowl ~MM31; mprime ~MM30 for AVX512)
The run times would be several years for gigadigit Mersennes or ~MM32, even on currently fastest available gpus.
Required ram and permanent storage also impose limits, on both primality testing and P-1 factoring, on gpus and cpus, estimated as less than MM37 and MM42 for current hardware feasible ram, and MM67 for existing file systems' capacity limits.
So I assume you mean how about heavily trial factor these.
How many gpu-months or -years are these worth?

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