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Originally Posted by Fan Ming View Post
MM127+2 (aka 2^(2^127-1)+1) has a non-trivial factor: 886407410000361345663448535540258622490179142922169401.
It seems either New Mersenne (Wagstaff) conjecture will be false(if MM127 is prime) or M127 will be the last prime in the Catalan-Mersenne sequence(if MM127 is not prime).
I conjectured that 127 (not M127) is the largest number satisfying all three conditions in New Mersenne (Wagstaff) conjecture.

Also, how about test whether the numbers MW127 and WW127 is prime? (Wn = (2^n+1)/3) and other numbers like MW43, WW43, MM61, WM61, MW61, WW61? (MM43 and WM43 cannot be prime, since M43 is not prime, note that 127 is M7 and 43 is W7, and both M127 and W43 are primes)

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